Our vision was to create a simple and sustainable bike wall mount, cosy details and ecologically friendly.
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Learn about our way of work


We at woodloops only work with selected timber, which proceeds from regional, sustainable managed forests. We love the wood how it grows naturally: with all his characteristic colors, knots and cracks. Basically we work in two different ways: The first one is to use one single piece without glueing. So in this way we achieve the perfect complete grain of the wood. Pieces are like sculptured in one single bloc. In the second way, which is the more common or classic way, we glue the pieces to one bloc. The result is a bloc without cracks and a complete new grain. Finally we finish all products with natural oil and wax which give us a smooth and fine surface.


Products from woodloops are always made of very special wood. Almost every object has an FSC® guarantee certificate. Plus, the selected timber types and materials not only look good, they are also highly functional. Learn about the properties that make your woodloops choice unique. Find out how to care for your wood. Find out what “Made in Barcelona” means to woodloops, and let our social responsibility inspire you …

How can you recognize quality?

An essential characteristic of high quality furniture is its longevity. In order for you to enjoy your woodloops products for life, you should care for them regularly with natural oils or waxes. Dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth, it is then advisable to oil the object afterwards. If there are scratches or signs of wear and tear, you can sand your woodloops object with steel wool or a fine sandpaper and then oil it. If you would like the popular silver grey patina, just expose the object to the weather for a while.