WOODLOOPS - pinup.woodloops.com
Our vision was to create a simple and sustainable bike wall mount, cosy details and ecologically friendly.
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What we are good at


The German company woodloops was founded in 2003 with head offices in Frankfurt/Germany and Barcelona/Spain. From the very beginning, our focus was on furniture made of wood from sustainable forestry. Our consideration for the sustainable cycles of nature and our concern for environmentally relevant aspects are central to woodloops. Our interest in good design and dedication to create beautiful furniture do not contradict this company philosophy. The woodloops brand is defined by a unique combination of environmental awareness, sustainability and outstanding design, presenting a refreshingly unconventional alternative on the furniture market – innovative ideas made of wood.

Our inner values

Products from woodloops are always made of very special wood. Almost every object has an FSC® guarantee certificate. Plus, the selected timber types and materials do not only look good, they are also highly functional. Learn about the properties that make your woodloops choice unique. Find out how to care for your wood. Find out what “Made in Barcelona” means to woodloops, and let our social responsibility inspire you …


woodloops shows responsibility towards the forest and towards society. We take the concept of responsible company management seriously and work together with social organizations and workshops during our production and distribution. A large proportion of our furniture collection is manufactured by an organization for the vocational and social integration of unemployed or difficult-to-employ youths. The wooden “odds and ends” are made by a cooperative for handicapped people. Distribution is managed by a rehabilitation workshop that gives people with psychological illnesses and handicaps an opportunity to re-enter everyday life.